Saturday, May 30, 2009

CU TeddyBear

CU TeddyBear. I hope someone can use it.....
Remember my TOU on these.
You may download it here.
Please leave me some love.


Here is my first CU Item being offered.
Remember they can be used as
CU items ONLY in free Scrap Kits.
You may get the download here.


Hello everyone,
I have been making some miscellanious scrap designs
due to being involved in a learning group.
I have decided to start adding them to my blog
as mostly CU products however
they will only be allowed to be used in FTU KITS
So if you sell your kits you can not use these as CU!
I offer all my kits as freebies so i wanted to give back
to those of you that still offer freebies as well.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scrap Kits Galore

The 2nd Scrap making challenge
at our forum is over
and the 2nd lot of scrap kits are posted
over on the forum blog....
So many talented ladies all
came together to make these FREE kits available.
Be sure to head over and grab them!!
OH and don't forget to leave some love ♥
Get them from the blog
My part is shown above...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


My oldest daughter has made it through Highschool .
Her graduation ceremony is this week however,
i have been busy with planning her
graduation party and her end of High School Activities.....
It's been a bittersweet year for us.
As Kayla gets ready to end her teenage years
and head into adulthood
Julia is just entering her childhood years
starting Kindergarten in the Fall...
Wow when i think of it like that it makes me very sad.
Sad that the oldest is heading off to college
and sad that my baby will be in full day school next year
and i will home alone for the first time in years ...
It just doesn't seem possible......
I will miss both girls a ton.....
Congrats Kayla I am very proud of you......


WOW it's been a long time since i have updated my blog........
I gotta get better at that........
I have won 2 awards since i last posted...............
I would Like to thank Lori from Lori's Tuts and
Dawn from Sixbugg's Creationz for the wonderful awards......
Sorry i didnt get them posted earlier girls.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I held a contest over at the Misfit Forum during April
to help raise awareness for Autism.
I had several awesome designers who took part.
Whatever they choose to create had to represent Autism.
It was very hard to choose 2 winners. So I had
my son who has Autism help pick the winners.
Thanks to all of you that took part in this challenge.
Julie from Bits and Bobs won with her scrap kit which can be downloaded here.
The scrap kit really reflects Autism. Sorry NO preveiw.
Be sure to visit Julie's blog. She has some awesome kits.
Sapphire from Sapphire's Splendor won with her tag which is below.
Be sure to Visit Sapphire's blog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Award

I received this award from Sapphire at Sapphire Splendor. TY sweetie for thinking of me.
The rules are Link the person's blog on your blog that gave you the award and also pass it onto
10 other blogs......Well most of the blogs i would have passed it onto already have it lol....So
i will just link Sapphire...


Well Us Misfits are at it again. Soon we will be posting a ton of templates for your use on our Creative Misfits Blog here. So this new challenge has inspired me to start creating templates. Below is a preview of one i have created for you all to use.......Please leave me some love if you download..
You may get it here.