Saturday, June 20, 2009


Wow Life has been a crazy circle latley.
My oldest daughter graduated this year and
she has already been down at the college
getting all her paperwork settled for her classes
and her dorm. I must say i am really sad that she
is spreading her wings and going away for
college... I wish they would of offered her degree
at our local colleges but they don't.
The four little ones are out of school
till after Labor day.. Trying to fill their
days is always a chore...They are scheduled
for camp but it doesn't start till next week.
My oldest son who is 9 is having some
more issues with his heart. So i have been
going back and forth with doctors. I just wish they
would make up theirs minds so i know
the extent of this condition......Frustrating not
knowing much...
We are planning a trip to our big zoo here....
And also hubby and my trip is in August..
Nascar here we come....
Also my mom wants to make a trip down to TN
to see my neices that were adopted by a women
down there....So lots in the works......
Hope you all have a fabulous summer.

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